APAMT Travel Award

The Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology is again pleased to be offering travel scholarship awards of up to a
maximum of USD$1,000 to outstanding researchers who are currently involved in a toxicology project.

Travel Scholarship Criteria


Only current financial members of APAMT are eligible to apply for a travel scholarship and membership fees must be paid prior to submitting your application*. A copy of your 2023 membership fees receipt should be submitted along with your application form. Information on memberships can be found here: https://www.apamt.org/join-apamt/


Applicants must be “living and working in a country in the Asia Pacific region” and aged not more than 45 years old.


If an applicant has been awarded a travel scholarship in the past, they are not eligible to apply again for a period of another 2 years (or for another 2 meetings, whichever is applicable). To be eligible to apply in 2023, the applicant must not have been awarded a scholarship in 2018 or 2019.


If you have received 2 or more scholarships in the past, you will no longer be eligible to apply.


Applications for a scholarship must be submitted along with a valid abstract for consideration by the Scientific Committee. If required, an applicant may be asked to provide raw data to the Scientific Committee for scrutiny.


All abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.


Applications will be judged on the merits of the scientific quality of the abstract as well as having fulfilled other stated criteria. The judging process will make allowances for applicants with limited opportunity to undertake research.


Successful applicants will be notified by email from the APAMT Office.


Scholarship winners are required to attend the 2023 Congress in person to give an oral presentation of their submitted studies.


It is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange and pay for their own travel, accommodation, and congress registration fees.


The value of the travel scholarship will be the actual costs of travel, accommodation and registration up to a maximum of USD$1,000.


Scholarships will be paid to the researcher in person at the meeting in Kerala.


In addition to the cash prize, scholarship winners will also be given 1 years free membership to APAMT.

The Governing Board of APAMT reserves the right to limit the total number and value of scholarships on offer.

For applicants residing in a country where prior payment of their annual membership fee online is not possible, they will still be permitted to apply for a scholarship and will be required to pay their membership fee in person at the Congress irrespective of the outcome of their scholarship application.

Please mention on the abstract form that you are applying for an award and attach the membership receipt with the abstract.

Taylor and Francis award 2023

This award is open to all the presenters

In addition to this, there are 3 more awards up for grabs.

Young Investigator Award : 1 award 750 USD

Best oral paper: (to be chose from all selected oral presentations)
1 award 750 USD

Best Poster: 1 award 500 USD,

Please mention on the abstract form that you are applying for an award and attach the membership receipt with the abstract.

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